Crush your sales quota with Vidon

Get a full set of core features with any plan you choose.
Charged monthly, no minimum commitment.


200 videos / month
1 Clone
API access
Chat support
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Unlimited videos
Custom variables
API access
Phone support
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"Vidon is the most effective prospecting tool we've used"

Manasa Thakre

Head of Sales Enablement

Questions you might have

Need more help? Check out our help center or chat with us
Can I start get started for free?

Yes we have a 7 day free trial but we do require a credit card

What is a clone?

A clone is a deepfake of a person, multiple users can use the same clone. You are charged per clone so for example if you have 1 clone which 3 people use you are only charged for 1 user.

Do I need to do a demo?

We recommend a 20 minute demo as it's the quickest way to get up to speed on the platform. But if you would rather explore on your own please contact us.

How will you bill me?

We use Stripe as our payment provider. We will bill your credit card monthly. We don't have any minimum commitment so you can cancel at any time.

If you would rather an invoice please contact us.

Can I add team members?

During your trial you can not. After your trial you can add as many team members as you would like.

What if I go over my plan?

We have soft limits so we will let you create more videos. But we will reach out for you to upgrade your plan.

Do unused videos roll over?

Unused videos do not roll over. If you are subscribed to the 200 videos per month plan and you only send 150. The next month you will still be able to create 200 videos.

What else can I use it for?

While we specialize in sales you can use Vidon for anywhere you need to create personalized videos. The videos can be exported and embedded in websites or email.

We have an API and our team would love to help you support your use case. Contact our team to learn more.

How do I contact support

Visit the help center or use the live chat.