Send personalized videos as easily as you send emails

Now, who said video prospecting was hard?

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Scalable video prospecting

Video variables

Insert your prospects name into videos the same way you use mail merge in email

Create your clone

Our guided onboarding process creates a clone which looks and talks like you in just 15 minutes

Eye catching personalization

Background videos

Catch your prospects attention by automatically using their website or linkedin profile in the background

Animated previews

Generate GIF preview to embed in your emails or LinkedIn messages.

Supercharge your engagement

Call to actions

Serve the most relevant actions at each stage along your buyers journey.


Learn how long people are watching, what they are clicking, and where they are coming from.

Integrate with your workflow

You don't have to learn a new tool to leverage the power of Vidon. Create and send videos through your existing prospecting tools.

Questions you might have

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What accents / languages are supported?

We currently only fully support the english language. Other languages will work but may require more training data to give a good result.

How good does it sound?

Book a demo to see for yourself. Or signup and clone your own voice for free.

What variables are supported?

We currently only support the first name but we are adding support for company name and other custom variables soon.

How is it secured?

We secure your deepfake with facial and voice recognition. So only you can access it. You cannot clone someone other than yourself. Learn more about our security.

How should it be used?

We all replace a recipients name in an email e.g. "Hey {{first name}}". Vidon brings this ability to video. Your clone can only be used to replace a single word in a video to scale up your personal outreach. You cannot fully synthesize a video. Vidon is designed to automate the tedious process of creating videos.

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